BITEIN Awards Report - Season VII 2016 - Centrum, World Trade Center, Mumbai

The years awards, which is Season VII started at 7.00 PM in the evening. The invitees started flowing in from 6.30 PM onwards. This included 8 winner, 5 PG nominees, 5 UG nominees and two Clearpath Medals of Distinction winners and 3 Write to Fame winners. Outstation winner numbered 16 out of the total of 23 nominees. The program was opened by Dr.Kanir Bhatia and he went on to release the BITEIN Corporate Video. He then introduced Drs. Akshay and Aparna, both periodontists who anchored the evening with great flair.

They welcomed the guests and then asked Drs. Ajay and Mona Kakar as to why the BITEIN Awards. Both of them elucidated the inception and development of the BITEIN awards and the philosophy and spirit of the awards. Dr. Kumarswamy added to the opening and the entire program thereafter mixing and mingling with the audience and getting opinions from them. The MC's then introduced the enertainment for the evening which revolved around the classic "Pyaasa" by the master Guru Dutt, whose death anniversary coincides with the first BITEIN awards which took place on the 10th of October, 2010.

Dr. Sabita Ram was then invited to unviel the trophies after which the Guest of Honour, Dr. Neelima Malik, VC Krishna University, was invited to share her views on the awards. Then the first three awards were then presented. The opening award for Administrative Excellence was given away to Dr. Ashok Dhoble by Dr. Malik and DCP, Mr. S.S.Nishandar. This was followed by the award for Outstanding Teacher which went to Dr. Reena Kumar and was given away by Mr.Pravin Punj CEO of MTNL and Dr. Sharad Kokate, Dean of YMT dental college. The third award in the Beyond Dentistry category went to Dr. Jayant Kulkarni and was given away by Mr.Doshi and Dr. Sharad Kokate again.

The next was the first of the performances. It was a rendering of the classic "Hum Aapki Aankhon Main" by Dr. Mona and Mr.Sameer accompanied by a beautiful Waltz by Dr. Sayali and Mr.Nikhil. The next performance was yet another masterpiece of Pyaasa "Jaane kya tune kahi" and it was rendered by Dr. Mona accompanied by Dr. Bhumika with a wonderful Bharat Natyam piece. These acts were then followed by the next set of three awards. The Corporate Entrepreuner Award was given to Dr. N.Shavir by Dr. Malik. This was followed by the Dental Research Award which was given to Dr. Rajesh Dhirawani by Dr. K.S.Banga, Ms Shruti Narayanan and Mr. Danesh Irani from Pepsodent. The next award given was the Clinicians award presented to Dr. Anish Navare by Dr.Suresh Meshram and a representative from Carestream Dental.

This was followed by the next two acts. Sameer sang "Sar jo tera chakraye" and Mr. Rakesh Nanda put on a wonderful Tel Malish Mutual Funds Act. The next was the timeless classic song "Aaj Sajan mohe ang laga lo" sung by Mona with efforless ease and accompanied by a beautiful dance piece by Ms.Nirzari Bhide. Then the Technical Finnesse award was presented to Mr.Sameer Merchant by Dr. Kokate and Mr. Satyanarayanan of Group Pharmaceuticals. This was followed by the "Dentistry Imprinted" award given to Dr. Bhavdeep Ahuja by Ms. Bundella and Dr. D.G.Pol. Then the Clearpath Medals of Distinction were given away. A video message from Dr. Maria Orchella was broadcast before the medals were given away. The gOld Medal was awarded to Dr. Girish.K.S from Bangalore while the silver medal was awarded to Dr. Tulika Tripathi from Delhi. The second runner up was Dr. Girish.P.V also from Bangalore. The medals were given away by Dr.Dinesh Daftary and Dr. Anand Tuteja from Clearpath. Then the winner of the Oral B Write to Fame contest was announced by Dr. Arnawaaz Havevala. The winner was Dr.Malvika Thakur from Himachal Pradesh and the runners up prize went to Dr. Divya Aishwarya from New Delhi and Dr.Manjita Parab from Goa. The trophy was given away by Dr. Havewala and Dr. Sanjay Joshi.

This was then followed by the next song "Jaane woh kaise log thae jinke pyar to pyar mila" by Mr. Sameer. This was then followed by the very hard hitting number "Jinhe naaz hai hind par woh kahan hai" and was performed by Sameer. The next act was the rendering of the poem in Pink on woman empowerment. This was recited by Dr. Ajay Kakar and enacted by Dr. Komal Majumdar. At this point of time Dr. Kumarswamy introduced a distinguised guest Mrs. Padma (Dadi) Vaswani from Swami Vivekanand High School. She is still working at age 90 from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM and arrives dot on time. The entire house spontaneously stood up to give her a standing ovation. The the UG award nominees were called up. These were the top five and comprised of Dr. Charishma Choudhary from Vizag, Dr. Nida Nayyer from New Delhi, Dr. Ishita Jain from New Delhi, Dr. Visalaxi from Panvel and Dr.Jyotsna Arun from Manipal. They were asked rapid fire questions by Dr. A.Kumarswamy and Dr. Ajay Kakar. The judges were Dr. Jeetu Khasgiwale, Dr.Firoz Sharif and Dr. Vaibhav Kumar who himself was a nominee two years ago. The winner of this prestigious award was Dr.Nida Nayyer and the prize was given away by Dr. Tirshala Gala, Dr. Rajiv Khosla, Dr. Shailesh Divecha, Dr. Uday Shetty and Dr. V.S.Mohan.

The final awards were the PG awards and the five nominees were Dr.Pawan Addank from Hyderabad, Dr. Vishal Punjabi from Panvel, Dr. Sanchaita Kohli from New Delhi, Dr. Sneha Meghnani from New Delhi and Dr.Mudita Verma from Bangalore. The judges were Dr. Jeetu Nagda, Dr. K.S.Banga and Dr. Ajit Shetty. The winner for the prestigious PG award was Dr.Mudita Verma from Bangalore and the award was given away by Dr. Jeetu Nagda along with Madam Vaswani and Dr. Vishwas Puranik. This year a new trend was set by BITEIN to posthomously honor the dedicated work of a dentist. It has been termed as the "Amar Gyan Smriti" and is conferred in the memory of Mr. Ramchandar Nanda, Mr. Kehar Singh Soodan and Mr. M.A.Kakar. The Smriti was given to late Dr. Lalit Guglani and was received by his two daughters Pooja and Priya along with his grand daughter. The award was given away by Mrs.Sarita Nanda. The awards nite was concluded by the song "Yeh takhton, yeh taajon kee duniya" rendered by Sameer.

The program concluded with thanks to all the sponsors Hindustan Lever, Clearpath, Oral B, Carestream, Group Pharmaceuticals, Prime Dental Products and E-Dental.