BITEIN Awards Report - Season IV 2013 - NSCI, Mumbai

The BITEIN Awards Season IV took place on 10/11/13 at the National Sports Club of India, Worli, Mumbai.This Season saw 10 awards being given away in the various categories and the felicitation of Dr. A.Kumarswamy. The event was also marked by the culmination of the Dussera-Diwali-Dhamaka bid in which the Syneron Lite Touch hard and soft tissue Er-YAG laser was auctioned. The theme for the evening was "Out of the Box" and hence all the entertainment was something other than usual.

The program was started off by the emcee Rosalyn at 7.40 PM. After a brief introduction, the first of the awards for Adminstrative Excellence was given away to Dr. Bhasker Rao from Hyderabad. This was followed by the second award for "Beyond Dentistry" which was won by Dr. Raj Mallik. The award was received by his wife Mrs. Maala Mallik as he had to immediately leave for the airport to catch a flight.. This was followed by the first entertainment act.

Aziz and Cheena was invited to perform a dance number. To make the dance and "Out of the Box" idea, both were blindfolded and they performed "BLACK". They came up with a very beautiful dance number thrilling the audince with their co-ordination and grace without being able to see the partner. This was followed by the next two awards in the "Out standing Teacher" category which was won by Dr. Sridhar Shetty of Mangalore and the "Dentistry Imprinted" category which was won by Dr. S.M.Balaji. He was given the award by Dr. A.P.Chtre accompanied by Senior Inspector Mr. Rathod and Mr. Ajay Pawar of GSK.

The next entertainment was "Junkabella" performed by Swapnil Karnik and his group of musicians, who were literally picked out of the audience. The instruments were buckets, garbage bags, dental elevators and kitchen containers. They created music for a medley of bollywood numbers. One more original "Out of the Box" idea. This was followed by the UG awards which was handled by Dr. Kanir Bhatia. The five finalists were Dr. Pooja Muley, Dr. Spriha Modi, Dr. Pooja Chouhan, Dr. Rishabh Acharya and Dr. Sweta Jain. The UG awards was won by Dr. Pooja Chouhan and the award was given away by Dr. Neelima Malik.

After the UG awards the Dhamaka Bid concept was explained to the guests and the three final bidders were announced. Before they came up on stage there was a grand spectacle with the Laser Man show. The effective use of a laser light source by the performer literally stunned the audience. The laser show was followed by the annoncement of the laser bids. The winner of the Lite Touch laser was Dr. Mukul Dabholkar from Mumbai. He won the laser at at fantastic cost of Rs 15,50000/- which is Rs 6,50,000/- less than the MRP of Rs 22,00000/-.

This was followed by the launch of the Non Professional section of BITEIN. This was done by the two leading ladies of Indian Dentistry, Dr. Sabita Ram (Dean M.G.M Dental College) and Dr. Suhasini Nagda (Dean Nair Hospital Dental College) along with Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Additional Director General of Doordarshan. Then the award was the "Clinician of the year award" which was given away by Anandjibhai, renowned music director to Dr. Dlilip Deshpande in the company of Dr. Dinesh Daftary.

Then came the felicitation of Dr. A.Kumarswamy for his uninmaginable contribution to Indian dentistry. Four doyens of Indian denitstry, the gurus of Dr. Kumarswamy himself, Dr. Aspi Surveyor, Dr. Dinesh Daftary, Dr. R.P.Nayak, Dr. Lalit Guglani were called up on stage to feliciate Dr.Kumarswamy. As a special personal touch a magic moment of Indian sports was relived. Cricket has been a passion for Dr. Kumarswamy and the 1983 world cup victory was something to be savoured. The Indian victory started with the classic wicket taken by Mr. Balvinder Singh Sandhu who was also invited up on stage for the felicitation.

This was then time for another entertainment piece and this was yet another Out of the Box presentation by Aziz and Cheena. The two of them presented a fusion dance between Indian classic Kathak and western tap dancing. The entire piece was beautifully presented by the dancing duo. The next award presented was the "Technical Finesse" award and this was given away by Dr. Shailesh Divecha, past president of the IAACD to Dr. Mukesh Katara, owner and creator of Katara Dental. The next award was the "Corporate Enterpreuner" award which was given to Dr. N.K.Doctor. The dignitaries on the dias were Dr. D.G.Pol, Mr. Bharat Thakker and Mr. Sunil Joshi of Carestream. This was followed by the "Dental Research" award which was given away to Dr. O.P.Kharbanda from AIMMS New Delhi. The award was given away by Dr. Anil Malik and Mr. Zviv from Israel.

This was followed by the last entertainment peice. Mr. Swapnil presented instrumental rendering of 6 classic Indian numbers in 6 different musical instruments ranging from the Saxophone, the Guitar, the Violin, the Accordian, the Flute and the Piano. Then came the final awards which was the P.G. Awards. Dr. Ajit Shetty was the convenor for the PG Awards and the four contenders were Dr. Rakhi Israni, Dr. Amit Kumar, Dr. Sudhanshu Dixit and Tejas Mhatre. Dr. Ritu Jagasia shared the stage and gave a few gems of information from her varied and vast experience. The award was won by Dr. Sudhanshu Dixit. This brought the evening to a close. There was a great cake courtesy Birdy's and drinks and dinner.