BITEIN - Dental Education

BITEIN is strongly associated with education in dentistry in India. The Education wing of BITEIN conducts its activities under the banner of Ecole Dentale. BITEIN has a number of training programs on the subjects of Periodontology, Implants, Endodontics, Practice Management, Aligner Orthodontics and more.

Besides the training programs BITEIN also organizes an Implant based three day event known as "Octaplant" and latest innovations in dentistry under the brand of "Upper Crust". BITEIN also has done three years of a completely innovative form of dental education knows as the "Virtual Conference" which is a 100% online educatino and trade event.

BITEIN also offers two distance education programs. One is the M.Sc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry from Manchester University, UK in conjunction with Smile On Health care, its education partner in the UK. The other is a soon to be launched M.Sc in Implantology from University of Jerusalem, Israel also in conjunction with Smile On Health Care.

BITEIN alsoo has the most comprehensive information on Dental Education in India with a complete listing of all the dental institutions of India.