The BITEIN Research Project - Powered by PERIOINDIA

The BITEIN Research Project is the newest and a very unique initiatives from BITEIN. Over the years BITEIN was created to provide a platform for Indian dentists to project their work and subsequently to let dentists discuss and delibrate procedures and techniques. Over the past decade BITEIN also initiated the BITEIN Awards honoring dentists for exemplary contributions in varioud areas of dentistry. Over the years BITEIN has developed an extensive network of dental professionals around India and also internationally.

The philosophical principles underlying all activities of BITEIN are based on Integrity and a desire to bring high quality to the dental professional. One of the strong beliefs is expressed in a powerfull statement made by Dr.John Jacklich "Cinicians find out what works and Academicians find out how it works". BITEIN wants to blend this "what" and "how" much more cohesively and thus was born this concept of the BITEIN Research Project.

The prime requisites of this project are
  • Cliniciana/Researchers keen to work on research projects
  • Materials and armamentarium for the projects
  • Establish standardized and result oriented design protocols
  • Get appropriate funding as and when required for the projects
  • Get completed studies published in internationally peer reviewed journals
BITIEN along with PERIOINDIA complies with all the above requirements and is an excellent platform for such research activities. We have now established a wonderful team comprisiing of young, full of energy Post Graduates, experienced professors, a couple of experts in statistics, a human resourses expert, an M.S. in research, an experienced publications person and much more. With such a team, the BITEIN Research Project can and will go places. Click for more .........