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Welcome to the Bitein DENTAL SHOPPE !!! This Shoppe provides you with  a comprehensive listing of all kinds of dental materials and equipment available in India. All products are catalogued and categorised in simple divisions with descriptions of the products, availability and pricing

There are three basic divisions, Equipments, Instruments & Consumables.  In each of the categories groups are listed in alphabetical order. You just have to click on the group name to go to the page which gives a detailed listing of all  available product of that particular group. Click on any of these products to get product details

Next time you want to purchase a dental product remember to first check out the options available at the DENTAL SHOPPE !!!. Only members will get a full listing of all products and will be allowed to place orders. If you are not yet a member and still want to see the full listing or place an order, all that you have to do is to JOIN BITEIN now.