The BITEIN Research Project - Powered by PERIOINDIA

The BITEIN Research Project has plans to embark on a number of focussed studies which will substantiate and provide evidence and future direction on a number of products and techniques, thereby generating conclusive proof of how quality of dentisty is enhanced and improveed. The backbone of all studies being done under the BITEIN Research Project will be "Logic" and absolute application of rational menthods in all proposed studes. Any study being done under the BITEIN Research project will have a certain endpoint and objective. It may not be a direct clnical enhancement and can be a basic science tenet being proven. This does not matter, as long as the basic principles of logica and rationality will not be compromised.

The BITEIN Research project will not hesitate in questioning extablished tradtional norms if the need arises. Studies undertaken in the Research project can be grouped as below
  • In Vitro material testing studies (In Vitro)
  • Non interventional studies without any detailed findings required to be documented (Non Interventional Simple)
  • Non interventional studies but requiring some detailed findings to be measured or tested (Non Interventional Complex)
  • Interventional studies with simplistic measures (Interventional Simple)
  • Interventional studies with advanced testing (Interventional Complex)
  • Clinical studies with simple procedures (Clinical Non Surgical)
  • Clinical studies with surgical procedures required. (Clinical Surgical)
  • Systematic review of literature (Review)
BITEIN has been involved in such studies and in the past has done a few studies. These were on the accuracy of apex locators, the depth of cure of bulk filled composite resins, the strength of fibre based subs structures for metal free prosthesis and facial beauty analysis using the Marquardt face mask. A current ongoing project is "Effect of Turm Nova twice a day on gingival inflammation". We now have a number of proposed studies lined up and still more to come very shortly. This will be an ongoing process and as and when a new proposed study is put up, an Email will be sent out to the Research Team and interested members can join a project. All information will be accesible from the website. Certain information will require passwords.

BITEIN and PERIOINDIA invites corporates to get in touch for any specific investigative studies. Please send email to

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